Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet technology is such that digital images are created as a result of ink propulsion onto the paper.  This concept was developed in the 1950s but never quite took off until the mid-1980s.  There were many things to think about with this particular technology.  Somehow, there had to be a way to propel the ink onto the paper, creating the same look as the screen.  The ink also had to somehow dry quickly, without smearing all over the place.

In 1984, inkjet printers started to replace dot-matrix ones, allowing people in homes and businesses to print more reliably and conveniently.  The death of dot-matrix printing (although some have hung on to the antiques and still use them) brought forth the ability for people to print documents that looked exactly like what they saw on the screen.

By 1990, inkjet printers were much more widely used than their dot-matrix predecessors.  This was due to the convenience inkjet printers provided.  For one, when ink ran out, the old dot-matrix printers would be a pain in the rear to manage.  The machines either had ink ribbons that had to be replaced, or ink cartridges that required surgery to remove and replace.

The revolutionary ink cartridge made life easier for consumers.  With each inkjet printer requiring a certain ink cartridge, it became easier for users to find replacements.  In addition, the new ink cartridges easily slid in and out of their slots on the printers.

Today, inkjet printing is the preferred method, even over laser printing.  The latter is not economical for most homes and small businesses.  Most laser printer consumers are corporations, schools, and other larger entities.  Inkjet printers are here to stay, at least for now.

In 2013, inkjets are still the preferred method of printing.  In fact, many inkjet printers can now be accessed wirelessly by hooking them up to the Wi-Fi system.  Inkjet printers are also now equipped with faxing, scanning, and copying capabilities, making these all-in-one or multi-function machines greatly desirable.

At my house, we just recently switched from a line of HP inkjet printers to one made by the Brother Corporation.  I am now convinced that Brother makes a better inkjet printer.  If you are looking for a printer, you might want to consider the Brother MFC-J825DW.

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